Single bush Ya shixiang 单株鸭屎香2019

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Location : Wudong village of  Phoenix moutian 

Harvest date: 2019.4.20th 

Roasting level : Medium  roasting

Feature :   Wu dong  is the highest village in fenghuang mountain and the most popular  area  for  the dancong tea. This one was  made by a single plant. We make this single plant, not for show, but because this tree is old enough to produce about 5 kilograms of refined  tea , so we make this tree . By doing this, we can compare the quality of the same tree in different years. Spring tea in Phoenix this year is relatively dry, so the tea leave is relatively small compared to previous years. But personally, I think  fragrance of this tea in 2019 is more powerful than that in 2018, and then more fragrant .