Da hong pao blended 2020

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Blending Dahongpao is not to mix different varieties together, but we select different varieties, and then complement each other according to the characteristics of the tea varieties. A good mix of Dahongpao requires skills,

Raw material: We used Rougui 肉桂, Shuixian 水仙, Dan gui 丹桂  ,Meizhan 梅占, and huang meigui 黄玫瑰 All the materials are from our 2020 Spring harvest. Baking level: 3times roasted, medium roasting style  ​About Blending: Different materials with different features all mixture together. This blended dahongpao: Zheng yan Rougui and Shuixian fix its strong body. Dangui and Huang Meigui add a very high aroma. Blending is a good complement of different materials.

Roasting level : the 1st time roasting : 2020.6.18th

                          the 2nd time roasting : 2020.7.20th

                          the 3rd time roasting : 2020.8.18th