Boutique Rougui( 精品肉桂)

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Location :Wuyuan jian 悟源涧

Havest date: 2019.5.5th 

Processing : In Oxidation step , totally hands -making 

Roasting : the 1st  time roasting :2019.6.10th 

                  the 2nd time roasting :2019.7.18th 

                  the 3rd  time roasting :2019 .8.17th

Feature :The material of this Rougui is from  the rocky valleys ,rock cracks where they are layers and layers of rocks and precipices .Special geographical environment provides a uniques  woderful natural ecological  environment for this Rougui Tea.

    Tea is very difficult to be  perfect, but this tea is a very good demonstration of my high level Wuyi "Cliff " tea , perfect processing technology, exquisite charcoal roasting skill ,the prominent "Yan yun 岩韵”。