Ban Tian Yao (半天腰)2023
Ban Tian Yao (半天腰)2023
Ban Tian Yao (半天腰)2023

Ban Tian Yao (半天腰)2023

Size 25g

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Location: Qing shiyan (青狮岩)

Harvest time: 2023.May  

Roast level:  Medium Roasting level (中 火)

    Like the origin legends of most famous clusters in Wuyi Mountain, the origin of Bantianyao is also very romantic and mythical. According to legend, "This tea was not planted by humans, but when birds in ancient times took tea seeds from the beaks of other mountains, they were born here. Now it is also as a rare cultivar in wuysihan .

   This tea has a tight shape, firm cords, and blue-brown color. Due to its unique growth environment, no surface pollution, it is pure and fragrant, with a long and long honey fragrance.
 Because the aroma of Bantian Yaoyao Tea has a variety of fruity aromas, it is obviously like roasted almonds and chestnuts. The aroma is delicate, elegant and delicate.

When brewing, smelling the fragrance of the cover,   aroma is striking, with obvious flower  aroma, the strength and smoothness of the taste are harmonious and flawless, the tea soup is rich in internal quality, rich in taste,  and the sweetness  lasts for a long time. Meantime with strong Fresh grass aroma .