Bai ji guan 2020 (white Rooster Crest)

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Harvest Date: 2020..5.15th 

Location: San yang peak 三仰峰 (Wu Yi Zheng Yan Garden )

Cultivar: Bai Ji Guan Cultivar

Roasting level:  the first time roasting on  20th of July 

                           the second time roasting on 1rst of Sep

Feature: Bai Ji Guan is one of the Four Famous ancient varieties. in Chinese, we call these Si Da Ming Cong (四大名枞 Four Famous Bushes of Wu Yi Cliff tea ). Because of its lower yield and late harvest time, only some farmers here still keep this Cultivar. Most of the Rock Tea drinkers, Bai Ji Guan is an interesting tea in name and look. The tasting is quite different from other Rock tea. Because of its thin texture of the leaves, the roasting level of Bai Ji Guan is always lightly roasting style, keeping its unique and floral character.

This Bai Ji Guan with very uniform leaves looking, very exquisite aroma, and quite sweet and deep in the soup .