Tieluohan (Iron Arhat铁罗汉)

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Location: Mi Tou Yan (弥陀岩) in Wuyi national park called Zheng yan garden

Harvest Date: 2020.5.8th

Baking level:  the first time roasting :20th of June 

                        the 2nd time roasting : 24th of July 

                        the  3rd  time roasting :  26th of August  

The tea bush age : around 60 years old 

Feature: This tea's energy is thick and strong. It has the obvious and classic Tieluohan characteristics. Tieluohan is one of the four most famous bushes (the other three: Dahongpao, Bai ji guan, and Shui jingui). Because it is a scarce variety, it is one very precious tea.Because of  good harvest  weather ,this year's tea quality is more higher than 2019 .