Silver Needle 2018

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Location: Zheng he Fo zi shan (佛子山)
Harvest time: 2/21/2018
Feature: Fozi moutian in zheng he county is about 800 metre,  this graden we call it as wild garden (荒山),in the past  4 years we didnot  do the picking ,because the cost of the picking -laboring is much higher than the  quantity of the tea leaves we  can pick .Pre-Qingming ,the peak time of the harvest still no yet .So we did the picking of this garden  leaves after 4 years  rest .

 Compare to the well-cared garden ,the picking standard of Silver Needle in  this garden is no so  standard , all the buds with some little leavs. After processing  ,it is  quite freshe and sweet ,and with very unique aroma .
For the white tea ,normally some months keeping will change the tea soup more rich and thick and mellow