white tea (wuyi shuixian cultivar )

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The 2020 spring harvest is a very complex year. Because of the dry weather, the sprouting of tea trees is very uneven. In the same tea tree, some tea leaves have been opened and some tea buds have not come out. So in the middle of April, We will pick all these young leaves. This is Wuyi Shuixian cultivar , with a rough appearance. But they are all young leaves. The tea is very clean  and sweet. It's suitable to grandpa style  or boiled in a pot .

 This is the first year that our family tried to use our Wuyi  oolong Shuixian cultivar to process into  white tea. In our opinion, it's really a very good white tea with fragrance. The tea is relatively thick compared with most of the white tea. We would love to hear from your feedback