Ao Fu Hou 凹富后 2020

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location: Phoenix moutian  Dan hu village 

Harvest time:2020 spring 

Cultivar:Ta Fu Hou(凹富后)

Age of bush: over 200 years old

Roasting level: 2 times roasting, medium style

Feature: Ao Fu Hou is a homonym of Chaozhou dialect. The original word is "AU Ku Hou" (also known as "塌崛后"). It is located in the village of Feng Xi Dan Hu, which is more than 700 meters above sea level. The mother tree of AU Fu Hou lives in this village for over 400 years. Now in the market, Ao Fu Hou are from the tea farmers from the mother tree grafting breeding. Ao Fu hou " flavor type  belongs to the yellow branch fragrance type, but also has its own unique style on this foundation.

this tea with a very speical floral aroma . It is quite balanced in soup and aroma.