Smoked lapsang souchong 2020

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1: Location : Tong Mu guan (桐木关)

2:Harvest date:  2020.5.13

3:Material:Wuyi qizhong Cultivar  (about 60 years old tree )

4:Feature :Tradtional lapsang souchong in Wuyishan is smoked style . Using Pine tree to  smoke  and roaste .It is  a memory  for one genernation in Wuyishan .Even now  the traditional  smoked lapsang souchong with the light pine tree aroma  is still chased by some people .

The traditional  Zheng shan xiao zhong 正山小种 refers to the most primitive and traditional processing technology of Tongmu in Wuyishan. The fresh leaves  were picked at an altitude of more than 1000m are heated by fire with pine needles, pine trees and rosin firewood when they are withering . Rosin firewood contains pine oil,
When the temperature of pine wood increases, it will volatilize rosin oil, which will be absorbed by fresh leaves and form a unique flavor of smoking on tea. This is the traditional Zhengshan small black tea.

with its unique rosin and longan flavor in taste .