Rougui with 3 diifferent styles


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  • 16g: Rougui Cinnamon
  • 16g: Rougui Floral
  • 16g: Rougui Fruity

Feature: Cinnamon aroma is the basic feature of Rougui Cultivar,When we process the Rougui tea ,firstly we need to make sure we can process the Cinnamon feature out, and better to have Cinnamon taste with Floral aroma ,the perfect is to have fruity aroma meantime with Cinnamon feature .But processing --- tea sometime is quite like naughty kids ,we cannot control them 100%. These 3 different styles Rougui can help you understand my family the most representative of three Rougui.

  Cinnamon :   Qing shi yan                 3times roasting 

Floral Rougui : Shui lian dong            3times roasting 

Fruity Rougui : zhong gu yan             3 times roasting  


Each style is 2 bags ,each bag is 8g.