Wuyi Pin zhong


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  • 16g: Bai ruixiang    3times roasting 
  • 16g: Jin Mu dan     3times roasting 
  • 16g: Huang meigui  3times roasting 
  • 16g:  Qi lan               2times roasting 
  • 16g:  Que she           2times roasting 

Feature:  In the world of rock tea, except  those very famous cultivar  such as Tieluohan, Water turtle, white cockscomb, some new small varieties of rock tea are becoming more and more popular among rock tea enthusiasts. These small varieties have their own characteristics, such as Bai Rui xiang with peach aroma, yellow rose  with  milky aroma and Que she is with Jasmine aroma

Our family  used different  processing way to treat these different cultivars based on the origin and characteristics of these varieties of raw materials. 

Each bag is 8g, each cultivar is 2bags .

This year we used double-layer bags on tea packaging. It's packed in cotton paper. It's very damp-proof.