Rou gui xiang(肉桂香)

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Location :  Phoenix moutian wudong village(凤凰山乌崬村)
Harvest date: 2020 .4.15th 
Cultivar : Rougui cultivar 
Bush age : around 80 years old 
Roaste level: 3times Roast  mudium roast ( wuyi oolong roast style )
Feature : 
       C. sinensis cv. Rouguixiang-dancong  is one of the precious nectar-scented phoenix Dancong.

The Wuyi Oolong  Rougui  has been popular all over the country for several years. However, among the many varieties of Dancong Oolong , there is also a "Cinnamon fragrance". Dancong cinnamon fragrance and Oolong  cinnamon have a subtle commonality, that is, the taste is heavy.

The cinnamon in the Dancong oolong  has a rich floral and fruit honey fragrance, the tea is compact, the dry tea aroma is tangy, the black is brown, the soup is mellow and smooth, like a glass of mellow champagne, the taste is excellent, after tasting You can still have endless aftertastes. The biting fruity scent fills the air. The tea scent is accompanied by the charcoal scent. You can enjoy it leisurely. By smelling this cinnamon, you can imagine how this tea has changed in the charocal roast , so as to raise its scent to the high end. .

"Cinnamon," Phoenix's low-yield varieties, because of its low output, tea farmers gradually eliminated them and dig new and good varieties. These shortcomings will only become fewer and fewer until they are eliminated!

"Cinnamon" aroma, taste, mellow and smooth taste, resistance to brewing, good in all aspects of sweetness, outstanding mountain charm, is an excellent high-scent variety, and also a good tea worthy of you to taste .

brewing method:
Teaware: It is recommended to use white porcelain cover bowl and Chaoshan Gongfu teacup.
Tea throw: 8g of dry tea.
Tea water: pure water, mountain spring water is suitable.
Water temperature: 100℃ boiling water for high flushing.
Brewing times: 10 bubbles, the first four bubbles are ready to be poured, no need to sit in a cup.