Ling tou Baiye 岭头白叶2021

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Location : ling tou  岭头

Harvest date : 2021.3.27th

roasting level: 2times roasting 

Feature : Lingtou Baiye Tea  is produced in Lingtou Village, Pingxi Town, Raoping County, Guangdong Province. Raoping is located in the southeastern part of Guangdong, ,and Lingtou is located in the foothills of Fenghuang Mountain, with an altitude of more than 400 meters. The mountains are continuous, the bamboo and wood are shaded, the clouds are filled, the climate is mild, the rainfall is abundant, the soil is fertile, and the geology is loose.The tea planted in Lingtou Village has been nearly 100 years old. The tea of this variety is considered to be of excellent quality and unique in flavor.

  The characteristics of the finished tea of Lingtou Baiye Tea are: the shape of the strip is slightly curved, and the color is yellow and brown like squid. The scent of the inner scent is high, the taste is mellow and sweet, the soup is orange and bright, and the red color of the leaves is bright.

The Baiye after roasting has a sweet honey flavor and are charcoal-flavored. It is the taste of the old generation of Chaozhou.