Jiang hua xiang 姜花香(Ginger Floral )2021

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Location: Phoenix moutian ,chaozhou city ,

picking time :2021,April,5th

cultivar :jiang hua xiang (姜花香)

old of bush :about 50 years old

Roast level: 2times roast ,(medium roast)

Information :

Since my husband and I got married in 2013, I have been selling Chaozhou Fenghuang Dancong tea of my husband's family. But I really haven't sold his family ginger fragrance because there are not many. Every year when Chaozhou family is making tea, I am also busy with the production of Wuyishan family. When I think of ginger fragrance, the tea is already  taken away by Chaozhou family clients, So this year, I specially told my father to keep some for me . First of all, the age of this tea is about 50 years, but it has not been pruned since it was planted, so it has a very obvious taste of woody .  The tea soup  is very sweet, the color of the tea soup is light, but the taste of tea is strong. It can last at least 10 infusions  and has a good aftertaste. With a touch of ginger fragrance, very elegant tea .