Dong fang hong ( 东方红)2020

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Location: Shi tou jiao  狮头脚 (a  part of Wudong village in Phoenix moutian )

Harvest time:2020,spring

Cultivar:Dong fang hong (over than 100years)

Roast level :medium roast

Feature :

 First of all, there are many stories about the tea name Dongfanghong. In dancong tea, there are really too many names of tea, some of which are named after events, such as :Cheng  men 城门  in english "city gate", some of which are named according to the fragrance type, like almond fragrance, and some of which are based on legends, like duck shit (Yashixiang ). So personally, I think we should not care too much about how the name comes from. But just know what breed it is. In this way, you can remember the basic taste of this variety, and then you can know which variety is your favorite taste. According to your favorite variety, find your favorite seller (because each farmer's production technology and charcoal roast style are different).

Personally, I like this tea very much. The tea is very delicate without any bitterness. No matter how you brew it, the tea is very sweet, and the mountain Yun  is very sufficient. It is an Alive  tea, which changes every infusion , and the layering is very obvious. I drank it alone for 15 infusions, and it still has taste. If you want to know about  tea energy in a tea , and you are a serious Dancong tea drinker ,I feel you can try this one .

(note :picture 3 is the brewed leaves after 15infusions )