2021 Fan Shu Xiang (Sweet potato scent)番薯香

2021 Fan Shu Xiang (Sweet potato scent)番薯香

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Location: Xia Hu 下湖 mountain, about 900m

Harvest date: 2021.April

Cultivar: Fan Shu xiang cultivar (Vaccinated from the Shuixian cultivar)

Age of bush: over 150 years old

Roasting level: 2 times roast 

Feature: Organic tea garden, the specific Volcanic-ash soil nurtures  teas. The color of the dry leaves are close to wuyi oolong, with a darker color than other dancong. My husband used wuyi wulong's processing way to process this tea. A very strong woody fragrance in dry leaves. The tea soup is quite clean and sweet. The Chaqi (tea energy) is very powerful. 

Compared with most other lightly -roasted  Dancong teas, the sweet potato fragrance is not so high . It is a tea that pays more attention to the taste and stamina of the tea. Most of the people who drink sweet potato flavor in Chaozhou are around 65 years old or even older  , the taste of sweet potato flavor is their memory. People born in the 1950s were scarce of resources in Chaozhou at that time, and most people couldn’t get enough food. Sweet potato is a relatively easy to grow and high-yield plant, so sweet potato became the main food in most families. 

 Tea soup has a strong sweet potato flavor, accompanied by a light charcoal roasted fragrance, which is deeply sought after by the older generation.