Chi ye 赤叶Dancong

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Harvest date :2018.4.20th

Location : Da hu village moutian about 700m

Cultivar : Chi ye cultivar

Age of bush: over than 120 years old

Roasting level: using Litchi charcoal by traditional wuyi oolong roasting style ,so the roasting of this tea is higher than most of other dancong ,.Medium roasting but no any smoke left .

Feature : It wild garden in Da hu village ,Volcanic- ash soil nurtures one of the worlds 'most complex teas .The color of the dry leaves is very red ,so we call it Chi ye (赤叶,Chi in chinese means scarlet ,Ye is leaves ) .

Honey and Spicy arome .The Cha qi (energy ) is very powderful .Meantime this roasting level is quite suitable for keeping age.Can last many infusions ,this style Dancong exactly is the tea Chaozhou "老茶鬼 " drink in their daily life .Meantime ,the Maocha of this tea won the High Quality Award in Shantou Tea Industry Association .