Old bush Mi lan xiang 老枞蜜兰香 2021

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Location: Li zhai ping village in Phoenix Moutian about 1200m 
Harvest date: 2021.3.30th
Cultivar: Mi Lan Xiang   (the tress is about 100years old )
Roasting level:    Roasted  by traditional Litchi  charcoal  ,using lower  temperature but long  time  ,medium roasting style 
Feature:   The tea "s processing skill is very perfect , the brewed leaves is very standard 30percent red ,70percent green ,very thorough in Oxidation step .No matter how long you steep  ,always no bitter .It has a tea with strong tea taste . It is spicy, honey, and full of shan yun (something like :yan yun "in wuyi oolong ) in dancong tea we call this as shan yun (山韵),can last many infusions ,after 12infusions ,the leaves just start to open ,and the tea soup is very sweet .