Mu dan wang (king of the bai mudan ) 2015

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Location: Jian yang county (建阳县)
Harvest time: 2015 spring 

Cultivar : Shui xian cultivar 

Feature: In Fujian Province, Zhenghe County and Fuding City are well-known places for producing white tea. From 2015, due to the recommendation and love of the national leadership, the enthusiasm of white tea has increased. The price of old white tea is also soaring. The hot white tea makes the surrounding counties and cities of tea become  more and more popular . Jianyang County is a typical example. Fuding and zhenghe's white tea comes from big white tea varieties(大白茶). Nowadays more and more people like to use Jianyang's Narcissus varieties to make white tea. The characteristic of Narcissus varieties is that tea tastes mellow, especially suitable for age . In Wuyi Mountain, we also perfer to keep the good quality wuyi shuixian age  .

The material of  Bai mudan is very high standard ,using one leave and one bud  ,very fat early spring buds . So we call it  as Mu dan wang(the king of bai mudan )