Lapsang souchong (floral style ) 2021

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Location : Da Shui keng 

picking date:2021,March 28th

Cultivar :Jin guanyin cultivar

picking standard : one leaf and one bud

Feature :This Lapsang Souchong is processed by picking the leaves of the Jinguanyin variety in the high mountain area. Everyone knows that Jinguanyin is a variety of Wuyi rock tea. Most farmers will use Jinguanyin to process it into Wuyi rock tea, but This year we tried to use this golden Guanyin variety and pick one leaf and one bud to process it into black tea. The final tea tea with strong  milk aroma   ,then the aroma is very high elegant, the tea is sweet and smooth, so I call it  as FLoral Lapsangsouchong