2009 Shoumei

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Location :Zheng he County of Fujian

Harvest time:2009.Spring ,pressed into cake on 2015

Material:Zheng he Da Bai (大白)


This Shoumei is very  smooth to drink . Deep and thick  with  Jujube after-finish.  quite sweet .It can last many infusions and can also not be overbrewed.  It performs well brewed western style. we can cook this shoumei directly .Put some g into the Kettle ,and cook it about 10 mis , the tea soup is very sweet and creamy .We would like to drink it in a big bowl ,call it as Da Wan Cha 大碗茶 

  Accoring to  Chinese old saying  about white tea :   一年茶、三年药、七年宝 - First Year it's Tea, In the Third Year it's Medicine, after Seven Years it's Treasure!  In China we all think aged white tea have the Medicine function ,that can keep your hot body cool down .Help your  body circulation .

  The taste is smooth and fruity, with  Jujube notes.  Very thick in the mouth

350g per cake