Boutique Rougui 2016

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This is the tea which I keep down in 2016, the keeping condition I use double bags to hold this tea, and put in the second floor. From 2016 to now, the full box, I opened it less than 4times. It is the same garden and same material of 2020 Boutique Rougui. But different harvest years.


Location: Wuyuan jian 悟源涧

Harvest date: 2016,Spring 

Processing: totally hands -making 

Roasting: 4th roasting in 2016 (from 2016 to now never do more roasting again)

Producing Region

"Three pits and two streams"三坑两涧 are often mentioned in the production area of Wuyi Rock Tea, which refers to "Huiyuankeng慧苑坑", "Niulankeng牛栏坑", "Da shuikeng倒水坑", "Liuxiangjian流香涧" and "Wuyuanjian悟源涧." Three pits and two streams. Between the rock valleys of “Jiang涧”, the vegetation status and shading conditions are good. There are sweet springs at the bottom of the valley. The sunshine time in summer is short and the temperature difference between day and night is large. The rock valleys in winter can withstand cold winds and changes in temperature. Weathered rock, with good permeability, rich in trace elements, moderate acidity, and obvious tea taste. It is the central production area of Zhengyan tea in the traditional standard of Wuyi Mountain rock tea. In other words, "three pits and two streams" "The tea is the best quality tea raw material in Wuyi rock tea. Zhengyan tea garden has good soil permeability, high potassium and manganese content, moderate acidity, and the tea tastes with obvious rock charm.


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