Aged Qi Lan

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This is Qilan  is from Banyan production area in 2013. My husband and I got married in 2013. At that time, as a gift, we brought a lot of tea and kept it at home in Chaozhou. My   husband  family are very traditional Chaozhou tea drinkers , they only likes  their  high-charcoal-roasted milan xiang , and are  not very interested in many Zhengyan teas from Wuyi Mountain. My parents  in-law should rarely drink the tea from Wuyi even  they are piled up there. Occasionally some relatives or friends coming ,   they  may drink this  Qi lan ( because  the qilan tea box  has already opened , and the rest  others have not been opened)

But they  drink it really slow, so I plan to sell it.

Since the tea arrived  in Chaozhou in 2013, it has never been re-roasted. It does not have the high fragrance as the new qilan  ,but it is with a  very elegant taste of old tea. It is very easy to drink. Relaxing tea.