Ai jiao oolong 矮脚乌龙 2020

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Location:  Wuyishan   Da Shui keng   around 400 m 

Picking Date:2020.5.2nd

Roasting :3times roasting (medium roasting style )

age of bush: around 35  years old 


aijiao oolong was exported from Jian ou(建瓯 )county in Fujian Province in90s .Jian ou to Wuyishan is about 150km .

Jianou Dongfeng Town is the hometown of Beiyuan 北苑 imperial tea. Tea production has a history of more than 1000 years. Dongfeng Town of Jianou county is the birthplace and main producing area of low-footed Oolong tea. 

According to experts, Guilin Village, Dongfeng Town, Jianou City, Fujian Province, has 14 mu of old tea gardens with a history of more than 120 to 150 years. There are 6090 ancient tea trees. It is the birthplace of Taiwan's internationally renowned "Qingxin Oolong" and "Frozen Top Oolong" tea. In February 2009, this precious tea plantation was listed as the first batch of excellent tea germplasm reserves in Fujian Province by Fujian Agricultural Department. This low-legged Oolong tree has the highest potential of only about 120 cm. Its branches and leaves are flat. Its leaves are dense green, smooth and non-luminous. Its leaf shape is downward curved and its tip is round and blunt. The main vein is particularly evident. The flowers are small, red and white

The shape is compact and dense, the end of the leaf is twisted, the color is brown and green, the internal quality aroma is clear, high and quiet, like peach, the taste is simple and mellow, the soup is clear and golden. Soak more than ten water. Short-legged Oolong also has a feature that it is very suitable for making raw materials for tea blending, which can make the fragrance more diversified without taking away other tea fragrance.